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Brian Lucas likes to play ambient, instrumental music that is guitar driven with bluesy overtones. He lives in Dayton, Ohio, USA and his composition Setting Sun reached #1 in the Blues Charts on 1/14/2008.

Speaking for himself Brian Lucas said:
I played guitar as a kid but stopped in my early teens. I never picked up a guitar again until 2003. Now all this music that has been bottled up in my head over the last three decades is slowly starting to come out.
I love the Blues and basically anything to do with guitars. My favorite guitarists are David Gilmour for his unimaginable phrasing and double bends, BB King for his sweet vibrato, Robin Trower for his soulful tone and Stevie Ray Vaughan for the raw energy and emotion he poured into every note he played.
I also enjoy many other genres of music. I grew up listening to everything from Bluegrass, Jazz, Funk, Rock and of course the Blues.

Equipments that he uses:
Fender and Gibson guitars, Fender, Peavey and Marshall amps, Trailer Trash pedal boards, Fulltone pedals


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